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AEW Revolution Preview

A highly anticipated heavyweight title bout and a grudge match headline this stacked card.

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AEW Revolution Preview

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AEW Revolution, AEW’s third official pay-per-view and first major show of 2020, comes to us live this Saturday, Feb. 29th from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago. A number of marquee matchups adorn this very anticipated card. So let’s get into it.

AEW Heavyweight title match: Jon Moxley v Chris Jericho (c)

This feud started back in January when Moxley was offered a prominent seat inside Jericho’s “Inner Circle,” which Moxley promptly turned down by smashing a little bit of the bubbly over Jericho’s head. This led to weeks of Moxley having to fend off the Inner Circle at every turn. The final straw broke when Jericho drove a spike into Mox’s eye nearly causing him to pull out of his Number 1 contenders’ match with PAC. Mox elected to fight that match with an eye patch and win, setting up this battle of heavyweights.

This match could go either way, and there is a case for both men winning. Jericho is golden on the mic and as champion gives strong credibility to the heel faction he has created. So, if pressed, I’d say look for ‘Le Champion’ to win and retain but maybe setting up a bigger war for the inner circle.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: The Young Bucks vs Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c)

The four members of The Elite divide for this highly anticipated match that has seen some buildup in recent months. Hangman seems to be distancing himself from his former Bullet Club associates. While he and Kenny have started to function as a team, I think the story being told here is that Hangman is ready to go solo and prove he isn’t just a sidekick. Is there a heel turn in the works? Hard to say because he is so over with the crowd right now. Regardless, I think the one title you will see change hands at Revolution will see the Bucks winning their first AEW gold.

MJF v Cody

MJF first cost his former friend the World Title. Then, in return for a match at Revolution, he demanded to give Cody 10 lashes (which he took) and see Cody enter a Steel Cage with his enforcer Wardlow (which he did and won). Cody stood tall on the cage after the victory. While the payoff would be to see Cody vanquish the thorn in his side — that would be MJF — I think the goal is to push him as a major heel inside the company. Look for MJF to win potentially through nefarious means.

AEW Women’s Championship: Kris Statlander vs Nyla Rose (c)

Kris Statlander, the spunky alien who crash landed in Long Island, shocked the women’s division a few weeks back when she became the Number 1 contender. Nyla Rose also shocked the women’s division when she won the belt by defeating the inaugural women’s champion Rhio two weeks ago on Dynamite. Look for this to be a good match between two of the best the women’s division has to offer. But I don’t see Nyla dropping the title so soon after winning it. She wins easy.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hager

A true Elite vs Inner Circle match between Rhodes and Hager. Dustin at 50 years old takes on the Inner Circles muscle Jake Hager in his first AEW match. Despite Hager slamming his arm in a car door last month, Rhodes is still up for this match. Dustin has proven he can tell a great story inside the ring. This is going to be a great match, but I think Hager scores the victory in his first match.

Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara

The Skateboarding Allin vs the Spanish God. Allin made his return at last week’s Dynamite weeks after Guevara slammed his throat with Allin’s own skateboard. These young cruiserweights represent the future of AEW. Look for them to be given a chance to shine at Revolution. In the end, I think a ‘Coffin Drop’ scores the pinfall for Darby Allin.

PAC vs Orandy Cassidy

Added at Revolution’s “go home” show addition of Dynamite, this match pits the Bastard vs Freshly Squeezed. This may have been a late add to get both of these men on the show. We’ll get a fun moment or two from the nonchalant Orange Cassidy before PAC ends his night. Picking PAC to win easy.

Will the Dark Order Reveal their “Exalted One” at Revolution?

For weeks now the Dark Order has been fortifying their ranks as they await the arrival of the “Exalted One.” So far we have only heard an altered version of his voice. Has he been under our noses all along, hiding in plain sight ala Christopher Daniels? Has he been blending in, seen in the crowd a la Raven? Has he been awaiting his arrival because he wasn’t yet in AEW a la Matt Hardy? 

It’s anyone’s guess. AEW has been expertly playing up this tease. Originally thought to be Marty Scurll, that was shot down when he signed an exclusive deal with Ring of Honor. Trolling the AEW fans with Raven in the crowd was a nice touch. But the heavy handed approach on AEW’s twitter makes me think that was a bit of a red herring. Sharp money would be on Matt Hardy or Chris Daniels. But if AEW really wanted to pull the wool over our eyes, they might consider going outside the box on this one. Kenny Omega, Brodie Lee…..or possibly someone no one is even talking about.  Will we find answers at AEW Revolution or more questions? We shall see. 

Christian is husband, father and video editor working in New York City. Originally from the Greater Pittsburgh Area he is a life long fan The Steelers, Penguins and Pirates as well as Professional Wrestling.

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