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Sunday Morning Musings

Sunday Morning Musings: Dang, Joey Votto (7.22.2018)

Joey Votto by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

Sunday Morning Musings: Dang, Joey Votto (7.22.2018)

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After a week off (who’s going to muse during a world cup final??) we’re back with more musings! This week, we’ve got some Baseball to discuss, as well as the trainwreck that is the NFL’s capitulating, and some odd campaigns from Dicks. So without further ado, LET’S MUSE!

I’m sorry, Joey Votto’s stat is what?

So before I write these musings, I always put out a facebook post to all the writers for the Turf asking if there are things I should include in our musings. This week, Editor-in-Chief Justin Colombo hit me with this.

Joey Votto has 6,563 career plate appearances. He has never popped out to the catcher, pitcher, or first basemen. In fact, he’s only popped out 7 times in his entire f**king career.

I did a little research, because that seemed like just vehemently false. It is false, but vehemently? Joey Votto has popped out 16 times in his career. The stat line that Colombo was posting? Was this:

That stat is absurd. Joey Votto is absurd. We are not worthy of his skills.

DeMar DeRozan is human. Let him be.

There have been a lot of people wondering why DeMar DeRozan hasn’t put out a statement about his trade out of Toronto. People forget that someone else is always part of a blockbuster trade, and DeMar’s time with the Raptors should not be downplayed. Josh Lewenberg, Beat Reporter for the Toronto Raptors put out a statement regarding this. It’s gorgeous, and everyone should read it.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Dicks needs to stop.

And now, a short anecdote from Turf writer Andrew Wilhelm:

Callaway & Dick’s keeping putting this ad in all my social media channels. They claim this golf ball is somehow different. Yet all I can see are a bunch of tiny soccer balls.

(They can’t all be great)

Is this ball different because you made it look like a different ball? Painting a standard golf ball with red pentagons will not change the ball I’m hitting straight into a sand trap. Sorry, Dicks. Try harder.

The NFL is off the rails.

You might remember my proclamation a few months back. Since then I have not engaged with the NFL in the slightest. I haven’t looked to see what’s going on, or made a fantasy football team, I am cold turkey cutting off the NFL. But, I thought, maybe it’s time for me to raise my head and see if any actionable steps are being made.

Nope. Back to not engaging with the NFL.

In other news, Mexican Baseball is Mayhem

I’m going to leave you all with what is, without question, my favorite sports video this week. (Okay that’s not true, but I’ll put my actual favorite one last).

What is happening? This dude went for a full swing, not even a checked swing. The umpire was (supposedly) staring at the space between catcher and batter. After the batter swung, he held the bat straight forward implying that the bat had, you know, broken the plane. That’s a tough one, though, Bob. Better send it to Sandy at first base.


I’m actually infuriated watching the above video. That guy will probably call a world series game, though.

My actual favorite sports video of the week

Have you ever seen someone doing what they’re destined to do? What about a dog? This dog is destined to be a very good boy, and he is the absolute best. Also he can fly.

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