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Sunday Morning Musings

Sunday Morning Musings: Here Lies the Super Team (4.29.2018)

Paul George by Tom Britt is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Sunday Morning Musings: Here Lies the Super Team (4.29.2018)

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What’s up, gang? It’s Sunday Morning which means the Turf writers are back with some Musings for you. Sunday Morning Musings is the column where we round up the thoughts that we have in a week that aren’t long enough to warrant a full article. So without further ado, LET’S GET MUSING!

The Death of the Super Team

45 minutes. 2-16 shooting. 5 points. Paul George picked a terrible night to go cold but this entire series loss is on Billy Donovan who needs to be fired post haste.
– Andrew Wilhelm

I was going to try and write something witty, but Andrew summed up my thoughts entirely. Well, almost entirely. Because on top of scoring a measly 5 points, he coughed up 6 turnovers. 6! This was supposed to be the postseason that defined his career. Now after an early exit and with “Playoff P” completely nonexistent I think it likely he’ll be out of a job. Also OKC missed 6 different shots that they took after securing 5 offensive rebounds. With 5 offensive rebounds you have to make something fall, you just have to. 43 seconds of offense, 0 points. No.

Pens should’ve kept Fleury

Marc Andre Fleury has 3 shutouts in 5 games, a 982 save percentage, a .54 GA average , and is 5-0 for the Vegas knights these playoffs. Con Smythe?
– Michael Patrick Trimm

It’s a really great problem to have on your team: one of the best players in the league, and a young up and comer who can compete at the veteran’s level. Just ask the New England Patriots. This is the position that the team in the running for a three-peat found themselves in when making their picks on who to protect for this past year’s Expansion Draft. Matt Murray is damn good, there is no question, but Fleury has been unstoppable during the 2018 Playoffs. 3 shutouts in 5 games? .982 save percentage? It’s safe to say that he’s heavily in the running for the Con Smythe trophy. Let’s open this can of worms, should the Pens have kept Fleury the way the Patriots kept Brady?

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The NFL Draft happened

I’m working on a longer piece about the draft (which makes it not a musing) but I felt like we should acknowledge the Draft really quickly. Mark wrote a great piece about the first 10 picks, you should read it.

From Ann Arbor to Paris

You know that thing, where people say well intentioned statements but they come off weird? Well Michigan football is in Paris right now, running a clinic and taking part in Spring Training exercises. I think the trip is great, I’m glad everyone gets to do it, and the Wolverines are a great team to be ambassadors to the sport around the world. I don’t think, however, we should feel like we’ve solved world peace or anything, though.

“From this experience, it’s been amazing. We’re all similar. We’re all part of the same team: The human race. When you throw out a ball, there is no language barrier anymore. Everybody’s speaking the same language. So we feel like innovators. We feel like pioneers. Innovators for the good.”
– John Harbaugh

I get what he’s going for, it’s nice, but does anyone else feel instinctively annoyed by this? You’re not Mother Theresa. You’re not pioneering anything. You took a sports team on an international trip. Let’s not go overboard.

Learn the rules, Tuukka

Tuukka Rask lost his blade, and was scored on. He then threw a hissy fit. I would like to say I feel for him, except the rules are pretty clear here:

Rule 14.1: Adjustment to Clothing or Equipment – Play shall not be stopped nor the game delayed by reasons of adjustments to clothing, equipment, skates or sticks.

The onus of maintaining clothing and equipment in proper condition shall be upon the player. If adjustments are required, the player shall leave the ice and play shall continue with a substitute.

No delay shall be permitted for the repair or adjustment of goalkeeper’s equipment. If adjustments are required, the goalkeeper shall leave the ice and his place shall be taken by the substitute goalkeeper immediately.

The rule even specifies that Rask’s skate doesn’t get covered by this one. What is there to be mad about, bro?

A sign of bad things to come

Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward threw the opening pitches at a Cleveland baseball game. It went…..suspectly:

If I were a Browns fan I’d be nodding and saying “………..yeah that’s about right.” I’m excited to see these guys hitting the favored receiver of a Browns Quarterback — The Ground.

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