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Sunday Morning Musings

Monday Morning Musings: Steph Curry’s Fight for Equality

Steph Curry by Cyrus Saatsaz is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Monday Morning Musings: Steph Curry’s Fight for Equality

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Happy Sunday Monday Morning, everyone! Due to yesterday’s issues with our server provider, we were unable to add articles to the site (and you may have trouble reaching it). Those troubles appear to be resolved, and so here are your musings! This week we’re looking at stories from Tennis, Premier League Football, NCAA Football, and more! To start, however, we’re gonna talk some Steph Curry.

Steph Curry: Leading By Example

In an essay penned for the Player’s Tribune, Curry explained why “the idea of women’s equality has become a little more personal for me, lately, and a little more real.” He explained how his relationship to his wife, and his two daughters, has shown him the world he wants for them, rather than the world we have. 

Here are some choice quotes from the essay:

in 2018? Here’s the truth: You’re not world class if you’re not actively about inclusion.

I mean, “women deserve equality” — that’s not politics, right? That’s not something that people are actually disagreeing on, is it? It can’t be.

I want our girls to grow up knowing that there are no boundaries that can be placed on their futures, period. I want them to grow up in a world where their gender does not feel like a rulebook for what they should think, or be, or do. And I want them to grow up believing that they can dream big, and strive for careers where they’ll be treated fairly. And of course: paid equally.

That last one is important considering that in 2016 women made $.80 for every dollar men made on average. Unacceptable in the 21st century.

Here at The Turf we’re committed to the same vision Steph Curry is espousing, and promise to continually check ourselves in a overly male-dominated industry. Now might be an awesome time to check out some fantastic recent articles on our site:

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Beyoncé and her opening act ruin a football field

Despite taking preventative measures, the University of South Carolina has had to replace their football field after a Beyoncé concert — just a week before their season opener. The massive stage that Beyoncé and her husband performed on took a week to build, and when the hard cover covering came up, it turned out the grass had died. The field has been replaced, and will be ready to go by the season opener. The re-sodding cost concert promoters $150,000 – $200,000. A small price to pay to see Beyoncé and an opening act.

Genoa Fans honor those who were lost

On Wednesday, August 15th, tragedy struck Genoa Italy. During a Catholic holiday, the Morandi bridge collapsed, killing 43 people. The bridge was a major part of the A10 Highway, which connected Northern Italy to France. Italian Soccer team Genoa played it’s first match since the horrific tragedy, and their fans came out to support not only them, but the lives who were lost. For the first 43 minutes of the match, they were muted. Despite Genoa going up 2-0 they stayed silent. At the 43 minute mark, the names of the deceased were displayed on the big screen and the fans returned to roaring as usual. A classy way for a fan base to commemorate the lives lost.

Serena Williams’ Catsuit causes a stir

After giving birth nearly took her life, Serena Williams has returned to the tennis courts. At the French Open in May, Williams wore a black catsuit to perform, that was designed to reduce the chances of blood clots. Something that her pregnancy has made her prone to. This past week, French Federation Chairman Bernard Giudicelli banned the outfit from future competition.

How about respecting women and their bodies? The outfit is designed to protect her health. Do you, Mr. Giudicelli, think that Serena’s health is less important than some mystical integrity of tennis?

To her credit, Serena Williams calls this much ado about nothing. “I don’t know exactly what he seemed to say or what he didn’t seem to say or what. We already talked. Like I said, we have a great relationship. We talked yesterday, yeah. Everything’s fine, guys.” She also said that she was sure outfits like hers would be accepted if they were for health reasons.

When asked if she would wear the catsuit again? She dismissed the idea. 

When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender.

Serena Williams

Mesut Ozil is on the chopping block

According to the Daily Mirror, European Football star Mesut Ozil’s days in Arsenal may be numbered. Despite signing a huge new contract with the gunners, new manager Unai Emery is unimpressed with his work. He was told he had to work harder in training if he wants to make the field. Ozil missed Arsenal’s last game due to a cold. This is the 6th game he’s missed due to illness since the 2016-2017 season. 

Kyrie Irving officially joins the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

Kyrie Irving has a new name. “Little Mountain”. In a 5 hour naming ceremony that was strictly off limits to press, Irving got in touch with his roots. Kyrie’s mother Elizabeth died when he was 4 years old, after his parents had split up. She was born into the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation before being adopted. In recent years, he has been discovering her heritage and embracing it himself. 

Knowing my mom passed and left me such a powerful, empowering family such as Standing Rock … to be a part of it now, this is family for life.

Kyrie Irving

The Boston Celtics star is one of basketball’s most popular figures. On the reservation, he’s now the player of note. Said Standing Rock High School Athletic Director, Russell Young Bird, “When it comes to basketball here, emotions are high. With this happening with Kyrie, that has taken everything to another level. It’s surreal.

Julius Thomas is saving the world

Former Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars star Julius Thomas is retiring from the NFL. His next step, is into himself. 

He has announced he’s heading back to school to pursue a doctorate in psychology. He plans on using it to study the effect of CTE on the brain. Thomas plans on being part of the solution, and we at The Turf are in awe of him for it.

The ability to assist with the latest research being done on brain trauma and the pursuit to better understand CTE. To study it not just from the perspective of a psychologist or a clinician, but also as a person who has played for several years at the highest level, is something that excites me. It fills me with a sense of purpose. It’s a way to help while growing intellectually that I had been searching for. I know I have so much to learn, but that’s what I’m most looking forward to.

Julius Thomas for the Player’s Tribune

Urban Meyer is still a snake.

That’s all.

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