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All Star Analysis Episode 6 – Potato Salad… with Raisins and MSG?

Grab a bag of She Done Already Done Had Her Chips and watch the fabric fly as the queens create two backyard ball looks!

RuPual 2017 by DVSROSS is licensed under CC BY 2.0

All Star Analysis Episode 6 – Potato Salad… with Raisins and MSG?

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It seems like just yesterday that I wrote about All Stars Episode 5.  I can hear the snide comments and I will not tolerate it.  Only I can make jokes about my tardiness.  And possibly my editors.

Picking up at the end of the most unexpected elimination (the sarcasm, she drips), we learn that the only vote that wasn’t for India was India’s vote for Alexis.  Whatever her plan was, it didn’t work and the other girls, Alexis specifically, are still confused.  Alexis feels betrayed by India’s alleged outright lying, but Shea still isn’t sure if she can trust Alexis.  Luckily, Alexis turned it this week, so Shea didn’t feel the need to send her home.  Maybe it almost worked, then.

She bring it to you every ball

The top five reconvene in the Werk Room.  There, the girls learn that the Maxi Challenge is the Charles Family Backyard Ball!  Finally, a damn design challenge!  The girls must create two looks: Country Cousin Realness & Backyard Ball Eleganza.  The Country Cousin Realness look will come up with a pre-recorded Mad Lib-style character description that will play as the girls do their runway presentation.  The Backyard Eleganza look must be created from scratch and must incorporate backyard materials, such as lawn chairs, barbeque sauce (why), kiddie pools and garden hoses.

Ru’s walkthrough is a damn emotional roller coaster.  The moment that really hit me was Shea revealing that when she was originally on Season 9, just before the queens for the season were announced, her father passed away.  Shortly after that, her sister passed away.  She revealed that she felt robbed of having her father in the audience, rooting for her for the Season 9 finale.  This really hit home for me, having lost my own father a few years ago.  He hated coming to see my shows but knew that his presence there was important to me, so he showed up.

Miss Congeniality!

Even as emotional as this challenge got, Shea didn’t let that get in the way of her own work product.  She also doesn’t let it get in the way of helping a sister in need.  Jujubee reveals that, after all these damn years, she still doesn’t know how to sew.  Shea, the costume design major, gives her some tips and tricks on how to construct the garment and even helps Cracker when her sewing machine is acting a fool.  They don’t elect Miss Congeniality for All Stars, but she just won it for the next seven regular seasons and all international versions.

The runway begins, and the main stage is full of Ru’s sisters and family members!  The queens show off their character looks, and I won’t lie, all but Blair’s were quite funny.  Kudos to Shea for incorporating a reference to one of her Season 9 challenge wins in the look.  Jujubee’s character says she’s bringing the potato salad with raisins and MSG.  This not only explains the article title but is also an incredible riff on Caucasian potato salad recipes.  I may have screamed. 

This week’s top All Star…

Blair’s look was OK, and the rest of the queens did a great job as well.  Although. Alexis did have a very questionable wig reveal.  Keep the first hair on, please.  You aren’t Roxxxy Andrews here, babe.  More on that actual statement later.  The Eleganza looks come next, and we have five solid looks.  The judges, including guest judge Bebe Rexha, give their critiques and Miz Cracker gets her second win.  I will say that I generally agree with that, but would have more expected a Shea win, especially given her Season 9 ball challenge victory. 

Once again, since Cracker won, the other four are up for elimination.  Based on the critiques, the girls all decide that the bottom two would be Blair and Alexis.  Back on the mainstage, Cracker meets her lip sync assassin: it’s mother tucking ROXXXY ANDREWS.  My thick and juicy queen has arrived.  That girl has never lost a single lip sync in her two seasons and I am fully confident that run will continue tonight.

The queen of knowing her roots. UGH I stan.

One Last Time for this queen

The lip sync song is One Last Time by Ariana Grande, which pleases me to no end.  After Roxxxy demolishes Cracker and does the 3-in-1 reveal better than most of the girls in this actual season, Ru declares her a winner, baby.  And, in the first shocking elimination for me, Alexis was voted by the other queens to go home.  It’s devastating for me because I thought she would’ve made it to the top 3.

The top four are officially Shea Coulee, Miz Cracker, Jujubee and Blair St. Clair.  Next week, the top four will be a stand-up challenge coached by Jane Krakowski.  Given that the win count between these girls is 2, 2, 1 and 0 respectively, and Blair has yet to be funny once, I feel like the top 3 is all but determined.  See you at the Chuckle Hut!

Actor and stage manager with a recurring case of the gay and an insatiable love for numbers all dem Bruins doe. Why else am I on this site?

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