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Ru Paul's Drag Race

All Star Weekend: Drag Race Style

Yaassss kweens – RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 has anounced its cast. Who will sashay away with the crown?

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All Star Weekend: Drag Race Style

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Just as the NHL has its All-Star Game, America’s favorite (and only) drag queen competition has its All-Stars series.  VH1 and World of Wonder have just announced the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season Five, and I can hear the engines revving now.  Or some other masculine pun on drag racing.  I don’t really know what you want from me here.

The concept of an All-Stars season is exactly what you think it is: the best of the best come back to try and take the crown, something they were unable to do on their respective seasons.  Whether they had a bad week and landed in the bottom two, underperformed a few challenges or just straight up got robbed due to a twist in format, they didn’t quite get there.  Some of these queens have already appeared on a season of All-Stars and couldn’t quite claim the crown.  So is it true that “third time’s the charm” or is it “three strikes and you’re out”?  Only time will tell.

So in ways, it’s similar to the All-Star Game in that all ten queens will compete in specific challenges designed to be indicative of a skill a well-rounded queen should have in her arsenal.  On the other hand, it is slightly different in that Tuukka Rask isn’t saving the least amount of goals in the Save Streak challenge and having to fend off being eliminated by doing a front split while lip-syncing “Shipping Off To Boston”.  Though now that it’s written down, you and I know that everyone reading this is imagining that and is hoping that would happen.  Moving on…

Old School versus New School

There’s a clear dividing line between the “old school” and the “new school” queens, based on original season placements alone.  This season’s lineup is one of the strongest All-Stars lineups in a very long time, and that’s saying something given who was cast in seasons 1 & 2.  The contestants are:

  • Ongina (Season 1),
  • Jujubee (Season 2 – Boston represent!),
  • Alexis Mateo, India Ferrah & Mariah (Season 3),
  • Derrick Barry (Season 8),
  • Shea Couleé (Season 9), and
  • Miz Cracker, Blair St. Clair & Mayhem Miller (Season 10).

What a g-d lineup.  Who does one root for, nay, stan in this group of legends?  I’m having a tough time.  It’s like, how can you choose your favorite Canadian hockey player?  I will say I have a list of favorites that I am whittling down.  Admittedly, it’s currently 10 queens long, but I have hope that I can pick one and run with it.  Slay tuned to this awkward corner of The Turf as I cover the series which premieres on VH1 on Friday, June 5th.  (I will not apologize for that and you can’t make me.)

Actor and stage manager with a recurring case of the gay and an insatiable love for numbers all dem Bruins doe. Why else am I on this site?

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