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All- Stars Analysis Episode 2 – Difficult.

One queen is difficult and a fan favorite goes home

Ongina Backstage II by Jagel Aheram is licensed under CC BY 2.0

All- Stars Analysis Episode 2 – Difficult.

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Welcome back, queens.  We pick up where we left off last week: Derrick Barry was eliminated, and the queens have gathered to have another cocktail and digest what just happened.  The queens reveal that the majority of the queens’ votes went to Derrick, except for Jujubee, who as previously mentioned, was the sole vote for Mayhem.  While she states the decision was not personal and was only based on the fact that she laughed more at Derrick’s performance, Mayhem feels slighted and is taking it personally.

In a game where perceptions matter, is this a mistake already?  I mean, beyond the active mistake of finding Derrick’s performance fully [Jujubee, I have questions.  No, I have one question.  What version of the show were you watching?  Those impressions were hot, hot garbage.], is it a mistake to, week 1, place a vote against a friend outside the competition?  Time will tell, I’m sure.

Y’all aren’t ready

I’m cutting this week’s piece short, and I will tell you why in a moment.  The summary of the episode is that the queens competed in teams of three to sing and dance to a new girl group track called “I’m In Love”, in which they profess their love for their male celebrity crushes.  No sports stars showed up this week, surprising no one, but did include the likes of John Stamos, Chadwick Boseman, Mr. Rogers and Hannibal Lecter.  Y’all, I WISH I were making up the last two, but I am not.  A love song about noted sexual heartthrobs Mr. Rogers and Hannibal Lecter.  And that’s about the funniest the challenge got. 

I talked to my fellow writer and site editor Kevin about linking to our piece about how dance is a sport, thus linking back to my original thesis statement about how Drag Race is also a sport, but man, this wasn’t dancing.  This was barely singing.  This was just not a great challenge.  I will cover the runway in a bit below, but the ultimate top All Star of the week is Shea Coulee.  Thank you, baby Jesus.  The bottom three this week [for those counting, that’s one bottom two and one bottom three] are last week’s winner India Ferrah, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, and Ongina.  Shea goes up against lip sync assassin Alyssa Edwards – she’s back, back, back, back, back again – and ultimately comes out on top.  She wins the rolling jackpot of $20,000 and eliminates Ongina.

The important things


As I mentioned, this week’s summary of the show is short because I want to touch on three important things that happened this week.  First, Miz Cracker discussed her being perceived as “difficult”.  Perception is a hell of a drug.  Cracker is genuinely surprised to hear that she is regarded by the other queens as difficult, self-centered and that her warmness feels forced.  Though it’s not brought about by any discussion of race, I think this is important to keep in mind in these volatile times.  How you act and how you speak may appear disingenuous regardless of how well intended your motivations.  This leads me to item #2.


The runway theme this week was “Love The Skin You’re In”.  This series was filmed last spring/summer, so none of the current events had occurred yet, but again, incredible timing, team.  HOWEVER.  I have to express my displeasure at India Ferrah’s runway choice.  She is wearing a dress made of different materials/colors to represent the collection of skin tones in the world joined by a sequined red heart.  What in the tone deaf, white nonsense fresh hell caucasity is this? 

India, I know you meant well, I really do, but it’s not right.  It’s like these Instagram makeup influencers using partial pallets of makeup from other skin tones as a “sign of solidarity”.  It’s not; it’s blackface.  It’s yellowface.  It’s whatever-color-you’re-not-face.  At least to me.  And I really think it’s the same concept here, and no matter the intention, it’s just not a good look.  On a less soap-boxy note, I also don’t think it fit the brief because that’s also not your skin.


This will actually lead directly into item #3, which is Ongina essentially resigning from the competition.  At Untucked/deliberations, she addresses the group and essentially says “Send me home because I am not as good as the other two.”  That perception thing has come roaring back in again.  Is she saying it because she’s really quitting or is she saying it to curry favor with the group and have them think Ongina was so thoughtful to put herself up instead of the other two and maybe she deserves a second chance. 

That’s one way to play this game.  If that was her intention, it didn’t work as we learn that literally every queen – herself included – voted for Ongina to leave.  It’s hard to watch a fan favorite exit so early, but in this game where everything you do and say affects your place in the competition, it’s a necessary sadness.

Stay tuned…

Next week, the queens are decorating a hotel suite.  Get your Marriott awards ready and I’ll see you in the hospitality suite.

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