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Canada’s Drag Race Episode 5 – The Snatch Game

Yes, you read that title right! This week’s episode of Canada’s Drag Race is everyone’s favorite maxi challenge: The Snatch Game. Who has the best celebrity impersonations? More importantly, who has the worst? Read on and find out.

Brooke Lynn Heights by DVSROSS is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Canada’s Drag Race Episode 5 – The Snatch Game

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Yes, you read that title right!  This week’s episode of Canada’s Drag Race is everyone’s favorite maxi challenge: The Snatch Game.  Who has the best celebrity impersonations?  More importantly, who has the worst?  Read on and find out.

After last week’s challenge, the queens gather to discuss Tynomi’s elimination.  Priyanka says she’s top dog now that Tynomi is gone.  Tynomi?  The non-competitor?  Ok, gurl.  We also learn that Ilona said she was going to walk off when the music started because she didn’t want to do that lip sync.  Priyanka calls that sentiment disrespectful.  I concur.  If you were so hell bent on not doing the lip sync, just actually quit.  There’s plenty of other queens who want to be here.

La bibliothèque is open

Brooke Lynn enters the Werk Room and announces the mini challenge is the reading challenge!  The queens will take turns reading each other which means that they will insult each other with the truth.  It’s everyone’s favorite mini challenge which is making this episode out to be my favorite of the season so far!

The top readers of the week are BOA, Bobo, Kiara, Lemon and Rita Baga.  Rita even gets a read off of Brooke Lynn, which always pleases me.  The underwhelming queens are the rest: Priyanka, Ilona & Jimbo.  I’m actually shocked that Jimbo and Priyanka do so poorly because they are shady as all hell.  If I had to guess, I would think Lemon or Rita would win.  Call me Miss Cleo, Lemon wins!

Get ready to snatch the stars!

Now the girls get ready for Snatch Game.  Jeffrey does the walk through and we learn these are the impressions the queens intend to do:

  • Priyanka – Ms. Cleo
  • Jimbo – Joan Rivers
  • Kiara – Mariah Carey around Christmas time
  • Lemon – Jojo Siwa
  • Rita Baga – Edith Piaf
  • Ilona – Rebecca More
  • Scarlett – Liza Minelli or Fran Drescher
  • BOA – Cyndi Lauper, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, Rebel Wilson

I’m concerned about Rita, Scarlett and BOA.  BOA’s walkthrough did not go well, with any of the impressions, at all.  Jeffrey says Liza would be safe and that Fran would be a risk, so of course, Scarlett is torn.  I’m concerned about Rita because, while she can probably nail the impression, can you make Edith Piaf funny?  We shall see.

Brooke Lynn hosts Canada’s Snatch Game, with special celebrity contestants Colin & Justin.  After we are introduced to the final list of celebrities (Scarlett chose Liza and BOA chose Gypsy Rose), the celebrity contestants want to know “Where’s Anne Murray?”  I screamed.  Lemon, Scarlett, Jimbo & Rita flourish in Snatch Game.  Their impressions are spot on and they are funny!  Priyanka & Kiara are quite the opposite.  Nothing really lands for them and it’s uncomfortable to watch.

And that’s the way it is!

On the runway, we meet special guest host Mary Walsh and category is Night of 1,000 Celines!  This runway cannot get any more Canadian.  Based on runways and Snatch Game, the top queens are Rita, Jimbo & Lemon.  The bottom queens are BOA, Kiara & Priyanka.  I am in full agreement with all of these choices.  In my opinion, Rita or Jimbo will win.  I’m rooting for Jimbo’s win but Rita having a third win would also be great.  BOA and Kiara should lip sync, but it’s probably going to be Kiara and Priyanka.  Am I biased because I love Priyanka?  Yes.  No one asked you.

For his incredible Celine runway and Joan Rivers impression, Jimbo wins!  For their lackluster Snatch Game performances, Priyanka and Kiara are lipsyncing.  The lip sync song is, and I am thrilled to death about this, is Celine’s I Drove All Night.  What a Canadian hat trick tonight!  Priyanka starts out strong and I am ready for her to win.  Ah, wait.  Kiara is good.  She’s really good.  I haven’t got a clue who will win this, though I am holding out beyond hope for Priynka to stay.  In the end, my psychic abilities are better than Priyanka’s Miss Cleo, and she shantays.  Kiara sashays away.  I’m pleased with this outcome.  And continue to have a crush on Priyanka.  Who are you to judge me?

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