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Ru Paul's Drag Race

Canada’s Drag Race: Welcome to the Family

Gaining family is somehow easier than losing family.

Rupaul Dragcon 2018-109 by DVSROSS is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Canada’s Drag Race: Welcome to the Family

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This article is a hard one to write. As I joyfully watch an episode of Canada’s Drag Race where the queens gain a family member, the Drag Race community and the world lost one of the brightest lights in the family. Chi Chi DeVayne from Season 8 and All Stars 3 lost a short-fought battle with pneumonia on Thursday, August 20th at the age of 34. Her light and energy and joyfulness will be missed greatly. 

As we pick up where the last episode left off, the girls read Ilona’s mirror message. They also reminisce about how much Ilona liked to talk. A balance of shade and sincerity never hurt anyone. The queens tally their wins, and it looks like this: Rita has 3, Lemon has 2, Jimbo and Priyanka each have 1, and Scarlett has none. Once again, we’re left to wonder if this is Scarlett’s week to win or to go home.

What’s in your trunk, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey enters the Werk Room to explain this week’s Mini Challenge is one of my favorite mini challenges: the Puppet Bitch Fest! Because why?  Everybody loves puppets! Each queen will pick a puppet that represents one of the other queens, drag her up, and then perform a bitch fest with said puppet. Consider it an extension of the reading challenge mixed with Fraggle Rock.

Lemon chooses Priyanka, Priyanka chooses Lemon, Jimbo chooses Scarlett, Scarlett chooses Rita and Rita chooses Jimbo. This is extra delicious since Rita and Jimbo went at it a bit in Untucked last week. I wonder if anything will come up about that?  The queens are hilariously shady and, of course, Rita references Jimbo’s rant from Untucked.

She finally won something!

The winner of the mini challenge is Scarlett! She finally won something! But we’ve also seen a queen win the mini challenge and still go home the same episode, so only time will tell. Scarlett will get to assign the other queens their partners for the maxi challenge, which this week is the makeover challenge.

Into the Werk Room come five recent refugees to Canada from anti-LGBTQI. They were helped into the country and effectively saved by a charity called Rainbow Railroad. This is, and I’m embarrassed to say it, the first time I’ve ever heard of this charity. The work that they do for these queer folks in countries that can – and have – murdered you for being who you are cannot be understated. And in the time where a sports broadcaster can so casually call somewhere a “fag city” on live TV and barely break a sweat, I think it’s important to realize how much we Americans take our general freedoms for granted. #FireThom.

The family that slays together, stays together

The five new members of the Drag Race family are:

  • Elton, from Jamaica.  His drag mother is Priyanka and his drag name is Elektra.
  • Rebal, from Syria.  His drag mother is Lemon and his drag name is Lime.
  • Dennis, from Uganda.  His drag mother is Scarlett and his drag name is Violet Bobo.
  • Eka, from Indonesia.  His drag mother is Jimbo and his drag name is Bimbo.
  • Rainer, also from Indonesia and Eka’s husband.  His drag mother is Rita and his drag name is Tari Baga.

The pairs are very excited to be together and, as a fun fact, Elton is actually a hometown fan of Priyanka’s! The girls work together on the runway to teach a runway walk, make outfits, and make up their faces. On the runway, we meet extra special guest host Amanda Brugel from The Handmaid’s Tale. This is adding yet another layer to this week that I don’t know that anyone could have predicted.

Category Is: A Family Affair

Priyanka and Elektra are fabulous! Scarlett & Violet are very good in the face, but not so great in the outfit. Jimbo & Bimbo are drop dead sexy. Rita and Tari are, weirdly, meh. And Lemon & Lime. Oh, Lemon & Lime. Lemon did Lime dirty and I don’t know if she was self-aware enough to know what she did. Based on the runway and critiques, I would put Priyanka as the winner by a mile and Lemon and Rita on the bottom.

My judging skills are on fire today because my prediction is 100% accurate.  Priyanka is the winner! As her prize, a $10,000 donation to Rainbow Railroad will be made in her name. We’re told that sum of money is enough to save one LGBTQI person from an anti-queer country. It’s really profound and it made me go and donate some cash to help this charity save the lives of my queer brethren.

I want you to know / That I’m happy for you

Lemon & Rita are put up for elimination. This is Lemon’s second time lip syncing and Rita’s first. Their lip sync song is EPIC. It’s Alanis Morissette’s You Oughtta Know and my body is FUCKING READY. These girls give an all-out performance. While Lemon is serving tricks, splits, and flips, Rita is really telling a story with her face and carefully chosen movements. These are two very strong, very different but very effective choices for this song.

Ultimately, Rita shantays and Lemon sashays. If you take the report card into account, Rita is outperforming Lemon, but only marginally. Here, she really let us have it. And now we have Drag Race Canada’s Top 4! Jimbo, Priyanka, Rita Baga, and Scarlett Bobo will compete next week and be whittled down to a top 3 to decide who is going all the way to snatch the crown. Buckle up, babes, next week’s gonna be a roller coaster!

Actor and stage manager with a recurring case of the gay and an insatiable love for numbers all dem Bruins doe. Why else am I on this site?

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