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Ru Paul's Drag Race

Drag Race Canada, Episode 1: Eh-leganza Eh-xstravaganza

From the neighbors upstairs comes the latest installment of the Drag Race franchise!

Rita Baga by Djief87 is licensed under CC BY SA-4.0

Drag Race Canada, Episode 1: Eh-leganza Eh-xstravaganza

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RuPaul’s Drag Race has finally made it across the border to our neighbors from the North, and trust and believe it’s as gagworthy and punny as it’s American counterpart.  This begins my weekly coverage of Drag Race Canada.  Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best Canadian Drag Queen win!

Episode one begins as all episode ones begin: the queens enter in their premiere looks and introduce themselves to the viewers.  I had some immediate thoughts for the twelve queens, and will share just a few of them.  Firstly, Scarlett BoBo looks like the love child of Drag Race Season 11 winner Yvie Oddly and her runner up and permanent Drag Race Canada judge, Brooke Lynn Heights.  I smell nepotism!

Kyne entered in a black and white My Fair Lady influenced one piece and I immediately thought she was a smart queen who will go far.  Let’s see how this episode proves me right and then extremely wrong.  BOA, aka Bitch On Arrival, is going to get the villain edit.  She is giving me serious Mimi Imfurst vibes, so here’s hoping that all the queens know how to keep both feet on the ground around her.

The Queens Cometh

Anastarzia Anaquway enters with the full regality of Season 1 winner Bebe Zahara Benet and I fully stan.  Not only is she beat for the gods, she’s got the pedigree to back it all up. She is the current reigning Miss Black Continental. I can’t wait to see her win.  This is my predicition here and now.

Jimbo is a man in a dress.  Oh boy.  He’s old enough to be some of these queen’s father, never mind their daddy.  But let me tell you this very early, he had one of the best runway looks all night.  And lastly, Lemon is from New York.  Did you hear she was from New York?  I could’ve sworn I heard somewhere that she was from New York.  Looking directly at you, Brita Filter.  So there are obviously five other queens, but I’m sure I’ll cover more of them later in the series.  And if I don’t?  Oops.

Let The Games Begin

First, we’re treated to a RuPaul video message, just to remind everyone that while this is Canada’s Drag Race, Mother Ru is still at the forefront.  Into the Werk Room (complete with glittery red maple leaf, because why wouldn’t it?), enter our permanent judging staff.  Joining the previously mentioned Heights are Canada’s Next Top Model judge Stacey McKenzie and actor and Drag Race super-judge Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.  They let us know that every week there will be a rotating guest host, who takes some of the RuPaul duties like announcing the runway and welcoming back the ladies.  This week it is Elisha Cuthbert, and contestant Priyanka SCREAMS her damn head off, which she also did when she entered the Werk Room.  I smell a very loud theme.

We’re treated to an old-school first episode mini challenge: the photo shoot.  There hasn’t been one of these since Season 8, and frankly, I’ve missed it.  The queens challenge is to “climb” the Rocky Mountain and pose at the peak with their flag.  Oh, there’s also an industrial strength fan blowing directly at them, so there’s 100% a gaggle of oral sex jokes for every queen.  The winner of the mini challenge, and rightfully so, is Kyne.  The stunning photo is the black and white outfit with the black and white checkered flag and is perfection against the midnight blue tint of the mountain and back drop.  Stun!

A Sewing Challenge!

The maxi challenge this week is a design challenge: Canuck Couture or, per the title of the episode, an Eh-leganza Eh-xstravaganza.  Queens are given boxes with thoroughly Canadian themes such as Yukon Gold Digger and Lumberjack Janes, and must create a runway look that shows off their box items and their own personalities.  And still, four series later and there are still queens who “don’t know how to sew”.  Like, ok, Cam Newton joins the Patriots, but he doesn’t know how to run.  Perfect.  Glad you’re here, Cammy.  I will say that the Werk Room did give me one of my favorite exchanges in Drag Race herstory and iconiqueness:

“Is anyone athletic?  Has anyone played a sport?”

“I’ve played European handball.”

“So, no, you haven’t”

Walk That Runway

Some thoughts on the runway presentations: Ilona Verley uses her look to discuss her Native heritage and how she is Two Spirit, which she explains means that she has traits of both he masculine and feminine, and demonstrates both in equal measure.  I think that’s such an important conversation to be had these days, with gender identity and hyper-masculinity always being hot button.

Kyne comes out in a gold bell bottom look with actual golden bells and balls attached to the end of the pants.  The problem is, the balls don’t want to stay attached to the garment.  So, Kyne went from being the winner of the mini challenge, to one of the bottom queens.  And she does not take that well.  More on that in a bit.  My final comment is that Juice Boxx looked like a low-rent Pebbles from The Flintstones.  I knew I was so accurate in my comments when I heard one of the judges call her a low-rent Wilma Flintstone.

Poor Sportsmanship

So, as I mentioned, Kyne had a negative reaction to falling in the bottom and gave major attitude to the judges in defense of herself and her look.  Then, back in the Werk Room, she yells, incredulously, about how “BOA beat us”, which is actually what happened.  BOA’s look was high camp and high couture.  Kyne’s unnecessary reaction is the best example of poor sportsmanship I’ve seen in quite some time.  She gets called out by Brooke Lynn, rightfully so, on the main stage where she narrowly avoids being in the bottom two.  Rita Baga wins the challenge, rightfully so, and the bottom two are Lemon and Juice Boxx.

The first lip sync song is quintessentially Canadian: Carly Rae Jepson’s I Really Like You.  Guys.  The PERFORMANCES.  The SPLITS.  The POLITENESS.  I full on watched this and knew Lemon would win. Which makes me sad because Juice Boxx is a hell of a name.  But, as Brooke Lynn Heights said, if she couldn’t bring the Canadian Bacon, at least she could be the Canadian Porkchop.  And she does.  Juice Boxx goes home.

This was an exciting series premiere to watch.  Certainly more happening than the current main series All Stars counterpart.  I’m hoping that will change based on the next episode.  Canada’s Drag Race streams every Thursday night on the Wow Presents Plus app for a nominal subscription fee. Until next time, racers!

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