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Canada’s Drag Race Episode 2 – HER-itage Moments

Do you know your Canadian herstory? Watch along as Canada’s Drag Race teaches you the important herstorical moments on your commercial breaks!

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Canada’s Drag Race Episode 2 – HER-itage Moments

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Folks, we are only two episodes into this series, but man, this show is it.  Like, I haven’t watched an episode of Drag Race with a smile on my face from top to bottom in a long time.  I am so excited to see how this season is going to develop.  I am confident stating that this will be my favorite season yet.  But for now, let’s dive into this episode.

We pick up after Juice Boxx’s elimination in the Werk Room where the queens read her mirror message and discuss the events of the previous episode.    Kyne, in a fit of delusional, states she thought she should have won the whole challenge while we cut to a talking head of Kiara holding one of the golden balls that fell off her garment on the runway.

Black Swan…why it gotta be black?

Brooke Lynn Heights, in her best David Rose boy drag, enters the Werk Room to administer the first Mini Challenge of the season.  The girls must put on quick ballet drag and improv some dance to switch between poised ballet ingenues and “nut-smacking” divas.  This is hilariously stupid.  I love it.  The winners of the Mini challenge are Anastarzia and BOA, who are the team captains for the Maxi Challenge.

The Maxi Challenge is two over-acting challenges, spoofing a Canadian commercial tradition of Heritage Minutes.  These, according to the talking heads, are commercials that would air and document important historical moments of Canadian history.  BOA’s team will enact the drag queen’s movement to earn the right to vote via the Muffragette movement.  Anastarzia’s team will enact the doctor who was able to cure rare drag diseases such as tongue-pop-itis and the Shablams.

Do I have something on my face?

Brooke Lynn does the Werk Room walk-through and discusses Kyne’s runway temper tantrum.  Brooke Lynn accuses Kyne of being overly confident and then, for some reason, Kyne forgives Brooke Lynn for her runway comments?  The nerve.  On the other side, Brooke Lynn tells Tynomi Banks that she needs to stop looking like a “queer in headlights” and Tynomi agrees.  I’m sure she will.

The teams divvy out roles, drag up, and head to the green screen filming area with judge Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.  Team BOA is… rough.  BOA doesn’t know her lines, nor does she know how to say Ilona’s name.  Kyne shows up, knows her lines and says them. That’s about it.  They do still appear to get through it, though.  Team Anastarzia has a much better run, with some strong performances by most of the queens and several many line mess-ups by Tynomi.  I’m sure that this will have no effect on the tops/bottoms of the week.

Home isn’t always better

The next day, as the queens are getting ready, we learn about the home lives of some of the queens.  The most shocking thing we learn is that Anastarzia lost many friends to murder and that she herself was shot in her car by unknown assailants for being gay/a drag queen in her home country of the Bahamas.  The moment she received the all-clear by the doctor, she went to Canada and claimed asylum. 

You know, the thing that America is supposed to be known for. 

But that’s another rant for another day.  It’s so important to remember that while homosexuality is becoming more accepted across most of the world, there are still countries far less tolerant and far more violent towards the community.

…at the Rodeo

On the mainstage, we meet guest host, Canadian actor Jade Hassoune.  Category on the runway is Not My First Time.  The looks are elevated versions of the first time the queens appeared in drag.  Queens walk the runway with a split-screen of photos of the looks they have updated.  My word, most of these queens know what a glow-up is!  More on that later. 

The queens watch their Her-itage Moments.  As predicted by the rehearsal/shooting footage, team BOA’s scene was mediocre at best, with standout performances from Priyanka & Jimbo.  If I were a betting man and this team won, I would say that Jimbo would win the challenge (performance AND runway) and, if this team lost, BOA and Kyne would lip-sync.

Team Anastarzia’s scene was much, much better.  Though Tynomi was not great, I would think this team would be up for the win 100%, with Kiara or Lemon winning.  If, somehow, they lose, I think Tynomi and Anastarzia lip-sync.  I only put Anastarzia down at the bottom because there really were no other bad performers, but I wasn’t a huge fan of her runway look in general.

Well, what do you think about your outfit?

As Drag Race will do, they will not be judged in teams, but individually.  Okurr.  The tops of the week, based on critiques are Lemon, Priyanka, Jimbo and Kiara.  Look at me go. 

The bottoms, then, are Tynomi, BOA and Kyne.  Someone make me a guest judge, stat.  In a complete reversal of last week, Lemon wins the challenge!  The bottom two are Tynomi & Kyne, and I think the only thing that saved BOA was that her runway was the better of the three, but not by much.  Kyne, unexpectedly, likes her outfit while everyone else unanimously dislikes it.

Do something, Charlie! Kyne!

The lip-sync song is “If You Could Read My Mind” by Ultra Nate, Amber and Jocelyn Enriquez.  While Kyne has near-perfect lip-syncing, she lacks the energy or drive.  I think she’s giving up here.  Tynomi’s lip-syncing is a little sloppy, but man, the fire in her eyes and performance is enough to prove to everyone she wants to be there.  In the end, Tynomi breaks down, and Kyne rushes over and tells her not to cry because “I’m about to go home and this is my moment.”  A self-aware queen, you love to see it.

It’s no surprise to anyone when Kyne sashays away this week.  We’re seeing the wheat separating from the chaff, and hopefully the safe queens start pushing themselves to be better or leave.  Next week, the queens will become two rival girl groups.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Actor and stage manager with a recurring case of the gay and an insatiable love for numbers all dem Bruins doe. Why else am I on this site?

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