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Canada’s Drag Race Episode 7 – Miss Loose Jaw

She’s beauty and she’s grace / She’s north of the United States! This week, we watch Canada’s Drag Race’s first ever pageant!

Canada’s Drag Race Episode 7 – Miss Loose Jaw

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We’re heading into the home stretch of the first season of Canada’s Drag Race.  The newly minted top six gather in the Werk Room to discuss BOA’s elimination.  Her mirror message is immediately iconic: “Nice!” in giant font.  These mirror messages are just petty at this point and I adore it. 

Scarlett says that she doesn’t know what else she has left to give. She hasn’t won a challenge, like Ilona, and it embarrasses her that she has the same track record as Ilona.  If I know these shady editors, this edit is either the winner of the episode or your final episode.  Let’s see what that challenge holds.

Here She Is, Miss Loose Jaw!

Brooke enters the Werk Room and reveals this week there will be no mini challenge.  This week’s maxi challenge is the first ever Drag Race Pageant!  The girls will be competing for the title of Miss Loose Jaw.  This is another improv challenge, where the queens will be playing small town girls with big personalities.  There will be three categories: Talent, Swimsuit, and Interview.  The girls have one overall task: make her funny!

Rita gets to decide the predetermined personalities for the queens because she won last week’s challenge.  This is the breakdown and what the main personality is for each queen:

  • Rita Baga – Miss Match’d [Hopeless Romantic]
  • Scarlett Bobo – Miss Informed [Know-it-almost]
  • Priyanka – Miss Demeanor [Attitude]
  • Ilona Verley – Miss Erable [Sad Sack]
  • Lemon – Miss Fits [Spoiled Brat]
  • Jimbo – Miss Behavin’ [Town Bicycle]

Take the Stage

Jeffrey Boywer-Chapman takes the role of the pageant host.  The pageant judges are drag legend Michelle Dubarry, Drag Race squirrel-friend Traci Melchior, and Degrassi star Stefan Brogran.  In the Talent portion, Jimbo & Lemon are hilarious, Priyanka & Scarlett were good, Ilona was so awkward, and Rita was just confusing.

Everyone is fine in the bathing suit portion.  It being the same swimsuit, it just mattered how you padded.  Rita had a weird bodysuit covering to cover her tattoos that was ill-fitting.  It’s weird that no one clocked her for it, but there were bigger fish to fry, I guess.  In the interview, Jimbo, Lemon & Scarlett and hilarious, Priyanka & Rita are fine, and Ilona is annoying.

And The Winner Isn’t…

In a hilarious twist, Michelle DuBarry steals the crown, so no winner is announced at the pageant!  This will be decided on the mainstage.  If I had to pick tops & bottoms right now, I would be for a Jimbo or Scarlett win (with heavy lean to Jimbo) and a predictable Ilona & Priyanka in the bottom.  You can tell there’s tension in the air because, while getting ready for the runway, Scarlett and Ilona are fighting about literally nothing.  But they are getting INTO IT.  What exactly it is, I still have no idea.

On the runway, the extra special guest host is indie singer Allie X.  Category is Pageant Perfection, and this is the evening gown portion of the pageant.  A lot of these looks are just stunning.  Lemon took the brief and spun it into a little girl pageant character.  She also literally wore tap shoes on the runway and did a few shuffle-ball-changes.  She is really starting to win me over.

Glamazon Zamboni

Priyanka comes out in a sari look inspired by her grandmother, and honestly, if runway looks could save a bottom queen from elimination, this dress would be it.  Jimbo’s look is…not great and Scarlett’s is so good, this might be her week to win!  After the judge’s critiques, my predicted bottom two are the same; however, if Rita’s look wasn’t so damn bangin’, she’d definitely be in the bottom.  Differently from my predictions, the top two would be Lemon & Scarlett. 

While untucking, Jimbo is FUMING about being called unglamorous.  Rita asks if Jimbo would like her opinion, and Rita says that her makeup makes her look older than she actually is for the first time.  And now Jimbo is reading Rita’s wig line for filth because she gave an opinion that was asked for.

It Started With A Hello

Back on the runway, we learn the winner is Lemon.  Scarlett was so close to winning; she needs a win next week or she’s gone.  As predicted, the bottom two is Ilona & Priyanka.  In honor of the guest host, the lip sync song is Hello by Allie X.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much trouble Ilona is in.  Priyanka is selling this song, using the whole stage.  She is a PERFORMER and is here to fight for her spot in this competition.  You literally cannot take your eyes off her because she seamlessly blends regal lip syncing with absolute buffoonery.  It’s perfection.  Stop judging me; I love her.

Unsurprisingly, Priyanka shantays and Ilona sashays.  This is a really tight top 5.  I’m hoping Scarlett really gets a chance to pull through next week now that Ilona isn’t there to distract her, but only time will tell.  Next week is the long-awaited makeover challenge!  This promises to be an excellent episode as well.  I’ll reveal the top four next week!  See you next time, Canucks!

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