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Welcoming The Weekend With A Mid-Piece Pivot

To honor this mid-piece pivot I give you that scene with David Schwimmer from Friends where he is trying to move a couch up some stairs.

Couch by Brian Teutsch is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Welcoming The Weekend With A Mid-Piece Pivot

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You made it! It’s finally the end of another work week. Sure, the weekend has lost a bit of its luster lately, but no work is still no work, even if it is just sitting at home doing nothing. I mean, unless you have kids or a family or responsibilities and if so, that’s a “you” problem. 

As you all know, we are currently living in a crazy world. During these tumultuous times people are sometimes known to do strange or out of character things. For instance, a little while back I decided to pivot my Twitter to a Big Bang Theory Fan Account. All I’m saying is that we have to hold each other to a lower standard these days.

If it seems like I am meandering through this without a point you would not be completely incorrect. My initial desire was to find a clip of Johnny Galecki from that episode of Entourage he did but I either can’t find it or it never actually happened and I have finally truly lost my grip on reality. I decided upon this avenue before I found said clip. Hubris strikes again. Luckily I am far too stubborn to turn back now.


To honor this mid-piece pivot I give you that scene with David Schwimmer from Friends where he is trying to move a couch up some stairs. I’m certain I can find this one.

Found it, first try!

Look, I’m not particularly proud that I remember this or even that I spelled Schwimmer correctly on the first try but I refuse to start over. If politics have taught me anything it’s that only cowards and Democrats change course and admit they were wrong in light of new information that completely invalidates their previous stance. I would never. That is the promise I make to you, the reader. You can always count on me to double down in the face of overwhelming facts or contradictory evidence. Just the kind of ‘man’ I am.

Happy weekend y’all!

Josh grew up in the midwest and upon graduating from the University of Iowa he wanted to see the world. After 4 years in Jacksonville he decided he was cultured enough and moved on to Birmingham England (known to the locals as the Detroit of the UK) and then west to San Francisco before settling in NYC. He pays his bills working in finance making sure the 1% remains on top. When he is not selling his soul and unable to look himself in the mirror, he spends his time writing mean things about sports while his dog, Sweet Dee, silently judges from her spot on the couch. He is very biased and never wrong. He would also like to thank Rotowire for never changing their NBA League Pass and MLB.TV passwords from that year when he was an NBA Beat Writer for the Nuggets for some reason.

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