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Turf Burns

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We all have those moments: You’ve just won your 5th week in a row, you streamed a QB and it paid off and your Defense scored more points than their RB1. You want to gloat, you want to rub your W in your league’s face, but a touchdown celebration only lasts until the extra point. Why not take it a step further.

Turf Burns are a way to buy real estate in your league’s heads the old fashioned way: The United States Postal Service. Want to embarrass someone on a weekday? Send them a Turf Burn to their office. Want their spouse and family to know how badly you annihilated their roster last week? Send them one at home! Want to send one every week, as you calling card? Guess what?! Turf Burns can do that.

Turf Burns. It’s a touchdown celebration sent through the mail!


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