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Weekly Woman Crush: USWNT Makes Crushing a Team Sport

The World Cup is now approximately 8 months away and the badass chicks of the USA team give me a lot to crush on.

USWNT by Jamie Smed is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Weekly Woman Crush: USWNT Makes Crushing a Team Sport

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The World Cup is now approximately 8 months away and the badass chicks of the USA team give me a lot to crush on. So this week I decided why limit myself to a single weekly woman crush when I’m honestly crushing on every single lady of the USWNT?

While most eyes are upon the World Series Hunt, I’m officially out and I’d rather not talk about New York’s most recent loss. It hurts, oh girls, does it hurt?! My attention has now circled back to the Concacaf Women’s Gold Cup and the excitement around the USWNT. Salut Les Filles! 

France will be hosting a veteran US Team that I enthusiastically believe should make Aliyah’s, “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” their new anthem. I know a lot of the lyrics don’t land, but just imagine the ladies wrote it about their unbreakable love for soccer. It works! Plus, couldn’t you totally imagine a band called USWNT? I can see the vintage band shirts now. 

These women not only have skills, but their leadership, tenacity and aggressive athleticism is led by stars whose median age is 33.

To that, this 30 something says, I see you ladies and I write this piece so many more do too. In a society fixated on the youth of women you quiet so many haters. You inspire women everywhere to keep chasing those dreams. Your actions teach that you can be a strong, trailblazing baddass at every age. Does USWNT stand for United Sisters With Never-Ending Talent? It should. I’m copyrighting this now. 

high five ali krieger GIF by U.S. Soccer Federation

Our women enter the Group A finale against Trinidad & Tobago at 7:30 p.m. ET on FS1 & UDN. We need a win or a tie to finish atop the group at the 2018 Concacaf Women’s Championship.

The USA team laces up tonight following impressive back-to-back victories.

  • Against Mexico (6-0) that featured goals from Alex Morgan (2), Megan Rapinoe (2), Julie Ertz and Tobin Heath, and
  • Against Panama (5-0) that featured goals from Carli Lloyd (3), Christen Press and Samantha Mewis.

The USWNT is here to ignite the fire and love for soccer back in American hearts after a Men’s World Cup without our stars and stripes to root for.

This US team’s season has given us a lot to celebrate. The U.S. team holds a 13-0-2 record in 2018 and has not lost since the 2017 Tournament of Nations. Can I get a Hell Yeah?! The US Women have gone 20-0-3 over the past 15 months. They’re averaging almost three goals per game and outscoring their opponents 76-17 over those 23 matches while scoring in all 23 games.

USWNT3 by Jamie Smed is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

I mean, how is everyone not crushing on these badass ladies? I know there is a lot of sports action taking place in the fall, but these women are so dominant and so incredibly fun to watch I’m shocked they aren’t everywhere we look. Records were broken last Sunday, to not much fanfare, when most Americans were watching the “other football”.

On Oct. 7 we faced Panama and Carli Lloyd scored her eighth career hat trick, upping her career total to a whopping 105 goals. She is now only two goals away from tying Michelle Akers for fourth all-time in the U.S. goals list and everything points to that happening very soon, maybe even tonight.

carli lloyd lol GIF by U.S. Soccer Federation

With her hat trick, Lloyd tied Mia Hamm for most three-goals games all-time in U.S. WNT history. In the words of 90’s Woman Crush Aliyah, “Age Aint Nothing But A Number and Throwing Down aint nothing but a Thang” and Throw Down against Panama, 36 years young Lloyd sure did.

She became the oldest player to score a hat trick for the USWNT. Honestly she’s giving me straight up fine wine vibes. Since turning 30, she has scored 69 goals in 126 games in those six years. The 126 games after the age of 30 rank her fourth all-time in U.S. history in that category and Lloyd is just one of the rockstar women building this dominant national team.

USWNT2 by Jamie Smed is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In fact this cast of superwomen could take the field in France with five players in their 30s and a sixth spending the last month of her 20’s working to bring the Cup back to America. The level of experience our women yield is more than 100 appearances, an undeniable advantage to bring to World Cup action.

I also couldn’t agree more with Deadspin’s Josh Tucker, “Watching Megan Rapinoe orchestrate well into her 30s is one of the great joys in sports, and even more so when she’s tapping into the astral connection between her and Alex Morgan.”

This is an electric team, but most Americans probably couldn’t name 5 players. Heck, maybe not even 2. 

Alas, this woman isn’t shocked by this, especially since a Women’s National team didn’t play their first game until August of 1985. On the flip side our male counterparts played in their first World Cup back in 1930 and the men’s national team had been around since the early 1910’s. What’s even more shocking is how long it took for the first professional women’s league to be created, a mere 17 years ago in 2001. So, you get the picture.

USWNT4 by Jamie Smed is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

My crush on the USWNT will hopefully inspire you to take a deep dive into the history of this team and the women who make it magic. Maybe you’ll even direct your tv or streaming devices towards tonight’s matchup against Trinidad & Tobago. I mean why not, there’s no playoff baseball tonight and it’s super early in the NBA season and you can catch most of the games after our women play. For you movers and shakers, tonight’s match can be streamed live via and the FOX Sports app.

These women of US soccer have stolen my heart and I’m guessing between now and France we here at The Turf will be celebrating their dominance over and over again. Today somewhere in america little girls are on the field mimicking these record breakers, dreaming of kicking the winning goal at a future world cup. So, to the USWNT I say, Thank You for inspiring another generation.

clapping GIF by Laura Salaberry

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